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Investment decisions affect estate planning and taxation issues, just as real estate decisions affect tax and estate planning issues. Wealth Management decisions require integrated analysis and solutions. We work with each of our clients and their trusted CPA to advise and counsel on the interconnected nature of every issue.

Our Services

Retirement Plannning

Where do you go to find definitive information that informs the important decisions you have to make? There is no online encyclopedia that you can rely on. Retirement is usually something we either think about early in life, or regrettably too late in life. No matter when, there will come that day. What you do today and every tomorrow hereafter will either help or hinder the comfort of that arrival one day. Let us help today.

Business Planning

Either you’re thinking of selling or looking to build and grow, you are searching for help with a very important decision in your life. A complex decision because it involves not only significant financial concerns but with a clear eye to tax and legal side issues to avoid or mitigate. Here, the planning is all in the conversation being undertaken. Either it is clear and productive or it’s like a tall blade of grass; might look good but now what? Let us help.

Tax Planning

What is Tax Planning? The most important word here is “Planning” which means it has to be done ahead of time. This means you plan prior to selling and prior to buying stocks or real estate. All of our Clients receive this important expertise as part of our engagement. Let us help.

Wills & Trusts

The bigger question here is when do we start to pay attention to this most unexpected of concerns. When it’s here and you’re not? Or, when you’re here. There is only one alternative! Let us help.

Real Estate

Of all the financial assets that define our wealth, by far Real Estate captures our mind and imagination the most. We actually dream about it don’t we? That’s how much it is securely fastened to our psyche. The number of emotional, retirement related, tax, legal, and financial issues involved can be absolutely daunting. Even if you had an encyclopedia you are likely not going to turn the pages fast enough when issues arise. Let us help.

Legal Services

There isn’t one person alive who relishes having to hire an attorney for a serious issue like divorce, discrimination, contract writing/analysis, or any litigation. It’s like walking into a forest at night without a flashlight. As an attorney I do not have to represent my clients in other legal matters to be of help to them. Instead, when clients find they need other legal assistance we help find and interview prospective lawyers to hire. In providing this free service, we not only help our clients bridge the knowledge gap, but more importantly we give them the support they need. As a service to you, let us help find the right lawyer to handle a pending legal issue.

Let Us Help.

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