Integrated Planning for Real People

In addition to his in-depth knowledge as a licensed Investment Advisor with over 20 years experience, Bill Massarweh is also a licensed Attorney and Real Estate Broker. As such, Holistic Advisory Services include Financial, Legal and Real Estate expertise.

We synthesize investments, properties and tax considerations into an estate that is holistically planned and coordinated for maximum benefit to our clients and their heirs.


Game of Life Board

Like it or not, we are all active participants in the Game of Life!

The ETP Game of Life harkens back to the days of board games when we’d gather ‘round a table and roll the dice over fun and laughter. The 4 sides of the board each represent a 25-year span of life, depicting how Wealth Management issues change as we grow. It all boils down to 2 distinct yet connected areas of our lives: our varied relationships with people, and our relationship with our wealth. Our hope is that it’ll prompt you to make some changes in your life that will smooth-out the road ahead.

Our new game board is a visual and interactive representation of life’s events. Click on the board image above to go to the GOL page. There you can find out where you are on the board and click on the interactive areas to see different messages.


Helping you Navigate life’s changes with confidence and clarity

Are you confused by all the Wealth Management and Estate Planning information on the Internet?

For your specific situation, there is no encyclopedia or website that provides meaningful content in helping you make important financial and estate planning decisions. It is an advantage to have a multi-licensed professional as your advisor, who understands the various legal and financial disciplines and the pros and cons of your actions and consequences.

Value Relationships with real people

The truth is, cultivating trusting, supportive relationships is the only way anyone really builds a lasting business.

My clients stay with me for decades, through all of the uncertainties of life, while I keep a watch on both long- and short-term goals. My aim is to be your advisor for life.

Empower Real People

Take control of your future and economic growth.


Retirement Planning

Where do you go to find definitive information that informs the important decisions you have to make?

Business Planning

Whether you’re thinking of selling or looking to build and grow, you are searching for help…

Tax Planning

What is Tax Planning? The most important word here is “Planning”

Wills & Trusts

When do we start to pay attention to this most unexpected of concerns?…

Real Estate

Of all the financial assets that define our wealth, by far Real Estate captures our mind and…

Legal Services

There isn’t one person alive who relishes having to hire an attorney…

“Bill is honest, friendly, sincere, conscientious, trustworthy and wants his clients happy.  I consider Bill a good friend who I can call on anytime if I have a question on anything.”

~ Veronica G.

“We have been Bill Massarweh’s financial clients for 10 years and have known him to be an advisor we like and trust. Besides being personable and having a great sense of humor, he has always placed our interests as foremost and primary in his decisions for us.”

~ Alvin and Vivian

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