You Can’t Fix Real Problems on the Internet

by | May 13, 2020 | Business, Inheritance, Legal, Real Estate, Retirement, Tax Planning, Unexpected Issues, Wills & Trusts

Most of the time your internet search only produces sites marketing to sell you stuff. It does not magically take you to a customized solution to your real problem.

DEBBIE, A CLIENT’S DAUGHTER, asked me to create a Will for her so that she can give her 1/3 share of the house equally to her brother, her friend, and her Ex-husband.  I tell her she’s got lots of problems to solve first.

Based on that information…can your internet search tell you what the major issues are?  What problems am I referring to?


The Internet Has All The Answers…right?

When faced with a sudden problem your first act is to research the topic on the internet.  Yet, what are you searching for?  Do you know how to frame the legal issue, tax issue, real estate issue, or estate planning issue?  Every problem you face involves to some degree some or all of the above subjects.

“Due to a high volume of calls your wait time….”

You call the company involved in the issue and you get no-one who knows anything.  Have you chatted lately?  It’s f……n terrible and takes 3 times as much time as a simple phone call.

The internet is creating two diametrically opposed trends that are causing insurmountable problems for every one of you.  Including for my own family after I’m gone.

And I can’t fix that!  But I can fix a bunch of other stuff.


May I Start With Your Name and Account Number?

Those are the first words out of their mouths when you call.  It makes no difference which company you call.

Call a bank and try to solve an issue.  How about an insurance company?  An Investment house.  A Title Company. All they want is to gather data and go through security questions.

Tax issues.  Real Estate issues.  Someone died and they tell you to do stuff…but you have no idea what to do or why you have to do it?   Welcome to the age of human robots at the other end of the phone.

That person you are speaking to is reading off a computer screen.  They actually rarely effectively listen to you cause they are too busy looking for the next thing to say.  If they are doing the talking, then they are not listening.

The Blind Leading the Blind

Yes my days are full of problems.  The ones you are likely to encounter.  I solve them because I know what to do.  There are others like me who also know what to do.  But you do not!

Many seem to think they can get stuff done on their own.  Maybe simple stuff they can.  But most problems are not “simple.”  Yes, you research it on the internet.  Great!  Now, you have to think on your feet when you call the agency or company to solve a problem.  Most of the time your research only produces people that want to sell you stuff.  It does not give you a customized solution to your problem.

The reality is that all this stuff that needs to be done to solve any problem is not difficult at all…if you know what you are doing.  Here lies the real problem people…You have no framework to know when that “robot’ on the phone is steering you in the wrong direction.  You take their word as gospel.  They are mere processors, not problem solvers.  They have no authority and no knowledge of the real issues you face.

All they care about is making sure to say “…have a nice day!”

You Try Solving Debbie’s Story

Debbie’s situation goes like this…was married, now amicably divorced.  Currently still living in the house with her Ex..  The title on the house currently states their names as husband and wife.

Ex-husband’s mother provided loan to buy the house, and they have since paid it off, but that loan still shows a lien on the property.  Ex Husband’s mother is ageing and COVID-19 is now an issue for the elderly.

Debbie tells me she wants to create a Will to give her share of the house 1/3 each to her brother, her friend, and her Ex-husband.  I tell her she’s got lots of problems to solve first.

Can you uncover what problems exist here?  This is a true story.  A real life fact pattern that I am working on right now?  Send me your thoughts…let’s test how able you are in going alone on this one.

Clue:  There are at least 5 major issues.  Did I forget to say MAJOR ISSUES?

The one who uncovers the most issues WINS!

Submit your answers in the comment box below and be ready to be surprised.