The Game Of Life

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There are no failures in life, only lessons to be heeded”…20th Century Science Teacher

Game of Life Board

In The Game Of Life – Life Goes On

 Have you ever said to yourself, “If only at age 30 I knew what I know today.  What a difference that would have made in my life.”

Take a look at this project I am rolling out called, The Game of Life game board.  Here, you can look ahead in time and uncover what we all must deal with in 20 or 30 years.

A Holistic View Of Our Lives

This project came about very recently directly a result of a the final stages of a 20 year relationship with one of my dearest clients.  Jerry and Esther had a $25 Million estate.  Jerry passed 7 years ago, and Esther this year at age 90.  A thriving business, 5 homes in three states, 3 children and 7 grandchildren. We should all be so fortunate and blessed.

My vantage point as their trusted attorney, investment advisor, and Realtor, allowed me the privilege of a view into the lives of the “Common Man.”  A common american couple who worked hard and did all the right things to succeed and do so happily.  But not without the occasional crisis.

From those interactions my minds-eye envisioned this game board, as I could clearly see the entire family and where they were in their respective journey in life.  With Jerry and Esther in the Aging years, their children in the Retirement years, and the grandchildren mixed in either in the Working or the Growing years of life.

This project is is not yet complete.  I am asking for your active participation with me in refining the board by providing your comments and experiences.  Please look at the board, see which phase you are currently in. 

With your input,  we can refine this board to reflect and uncover all the opportunities of life, as well as defining the obstacles and black holes that pop up unexpectedly to derail the best laid plans.  Look at what COVID-19 has done.

Together, we will discover that there are no failures in life, only life lessons.