Integrated Planning for Real People

In addition to his in-depth knowledge as a licensed Investment Advisor with over 20 years experience, Bill Massarweh is also a licensed Attorney and Real Estate Broker. As such, Holistic Advisory Services include Financial, Legal and Real Estate expertise.

We synthesize investments, properties and tax considerations into an estate that is holistically planned and coordinated for maximum benefit to our clients and their heirs.

We Value Relationships Over Transactions

Unlike other firms, when you call, I pick up the phone. I am available and attentive and have built my business one relationship at a time over many years.

Your first more
When I was 20 I was so excited to make my own money at my first job. I never thought of saving money…only spending it! If I had just saved a small portion my earnings I would have a sizable nest egg today. Neither school nor any person taught me anything about the Game of Life. If you're in the "Growing Years", you can change that for yourself.
Starting a more
Starting a business can be a slippery slope. Take Jill, who I worked with to start a small downtown restaurant. She was successful for the first few years, but lost 80% of walk-in traffic when her main customer base moved their offices. As a result, I helped her pivot to corporate catering where again, she had success, eventually selling the business at a profit some years later.
Your nest more
Robert retired after working 50 years at a trucking company. While his nest egg had grown in the stock market, in retirement he was afraid of losing it all. So he shifted to real estate, purchasing an office building and putting down as much cash as he could to lower the debt. Things were fine until his primary tenant filed for bankruptcy. Not only did his income dry up, but the building’s value dropped 50%.
Death (Will & Trust) more
Martha was a widow with money in the bank. Fearing the stock market, she invested in Insurance Annuities because of their reported safety from the stock market. She later found that with all of her money in annuities, she was unable to pull out money as needed due to penalties of withdrawal. She found herself locked into a set monthly income that didn’t cover unforeseen expenses.


Value Relationships with real people

The truth is, cultivating trusting, supportive relationships is the only way anyone really builds a lasting business.

My clients stay with me for decades, through all of the uncertainties of life, while I keep a watch on both long- and short-term goals. My aim is to be your advisor for life.

Help Navigate life’s changes with confidence

To be confident in making important financial and estate planning decisions, you need as much information as possible on the topic at hand.

With no encyclopedia or website that provides such content, it is helpful to have a multi-licensed professional who understands the various legal and financial disciplines advising you of the pros and cons of actions and consequences.

Or, you can go online and try to determine what is helpful content and what is marketing.

Empower Real People

Take control of your future and economic growth.


Retirement Planning

Where do you go to find definitive information that informs the important decisions you have to make?

Business Planning

Whether you’re thinking of selling or looking to build and grow, you are searching for help…

Tax Planning

What is Tax Planning? The most important word here is “Planning”

Wills & Trusts

When do we start to pay attention to this most unexpected of concerns?…

Real Estate

Of all the financial assets that define our wealth, by far Real Estate captures our mind and…

Legal Services

There isn’t one person alive who relishes having to hire an attorney…

“Bill is honest, friendly, sincere, conscientious, trustworthy and wants his clients happy.  I consider Bill a good friend who I can call on anytime if I have a question on anything.”

~ Veronica G.

“We have been Bill Massarweh’s financial clients for 10 years and have known him to be an advisor we like and trust. Besides being personable and having a great sense of humor, he has always placed our interests as foremost and primary in his decisions for us.”

~ Alvin and Vivian

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