Real Clients Say…

We thank our clients for giving us these authentic statements. They are real, unedited words from real people whom we value greatly.

I consider Bill a good friend…

“My husband and I met Bill in 1995 when we were thinking of getting a trust. This was our 2nd marriage for both of us and we were thinking of the future -we both had children from a previous marriage. Bill explained everything and put ‘our house’ in order.

Fast forward to 2016. My husband of 20 years died and so Bill and I met again. He was alarmed by the fact that I had a reverse mortgage with a debt of almost $200,000, very little income, and a 1950 house needing constant repair and upkeep. With Bill’s guidance as my financial advisor, I decided to downsize my living surroundings and sold my house. I received multiple offers and sold the house as-is above asking price.

He is honest, friendly, sincere, conscientious, trustworthy and wants his clients happy. I consider Bill a good friend who I can call on him anytime if I have a question on anything.”

~Veronica G.

Bill has always placed our interests as foremost and primary…

“We have been Bill Massarweh’s financial clients for 10 years and have known him to be an advisor we like and trust. Besides being personable and having a great sense of humor, he has always placed our interests as foremost and primary in his decisions for us.

The investment instruments have included our traditional IRA, our Roth IRA, our Living Trust and other accounts.

If we need to withdraw funds for any reason (travel, home projects, etc.) Bill will expedite the amount we request without question.

Whenever there is a decision that is necessary to consider one financial path over another, Bill will carefully formulate that decision based on our specific needs and our financial goals.

We appreciate and value his financial expertise and recommend his professional service without hesitation.”

~Alvin and Vivian F.

I consider Bill to be an extraordinary asset to our family…

“Bill is my adviser extraordinaire. That’s because his intelligence coupled with his intuitive and sensitive manner gave me the confidence to work closely with him on personal matters.

Bill is my licensed financial advisor extraordinaire. From the moment I decided to leave my big box brokerage firm for his wealth management style, my portfolio has benefited from his advice.

Bill is my friend extraordinaire. When my disabled son had difficulty with his Medicare set aside, Bill was happy to step in and act as administrator. Consequently, both my son and I consider Bill to be an extraordinary asset to our family.”

~Hart H.

I have known and worked with Bill Massarweh for more than 20 years…

During that time I have used his variety of services for contracts, estate planning, retirement planning, certain real estate property issues, and tax advice.

In all those areas I have been pleased with his service, his experience, and his prompt attention to my needs. 

Emmet, M

~Emmet, M